Friday, June 08, 2007

Random tidbits from the mind blogosphere 6-8-07

  • Check out the DI blog's "blogging on the brain" post for a number of interesting links to posts regarding (a) fun brain training games, (b) tonal similarities between music and language, (c) genetic differences between speakers of tonal and non-tonal languages, (d) the role of Bayesian networks in motor control, (e) new genetic risk factor for Alzheimers, (f) the potential educational implications of neuroscience, (g) the role of executive function and many more interesting tidbits. The DI blog rocks!
  • Thanks to Mind Hacks for the "know blood; know the brain" post - a post directing readers some of the key scientific papers on brain scanning and blood flow.
  • Learn about "multiple cognitive maps" via a Mouse Trap post
  • Though provoking post at Neuroethics and Law Blog re: "the seductive allure of Neuroscience"
  • Intelligent Machines has a post re: the maturation of speech recognition technology

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