Sunday, April 22, 2007

Validity of global IQ (g) - invitation for commentary

Over on the NASP listserv reference has been made to a special issue of Applied Neuropsychology that includes a number of articles (pro/con) surrounding the issue of the utility of global (g) IQ scores. Reynolds, Hale, Fiorello and others weigh in.

NASP listserv members have been asking for copies of the articles.

According to Cecil Reynolds (based on his NASP response post),
  • "the Coalition of Clinical Practitioners in Neuropsychology (CCPN) is open to anyone licensed to practice psychology or retired from practice who at some point was licensed. It holds an annual convention with CE WSs, posters, symposia, and the like. Last year, the convention was held in Orlando...the Journal, Applied Neuropsychology, is a publication of Taylor and Francis, one of the five largest publishing companies in the world. Applied Neuropsychology has also been adopted as the official journal of the Hispanic neuropsychological society as well as the Philadelphia neuropsychological society...a recent mailing of an advertising brochure for Applied Neuropsychology by Taylor and Francis that contained a CCPN membership application when to about 100,000 psychologists around the world.
  • The Journal issue that is part of this discussion is also available for sale as a single copy, special issue."

I just downloaded pdf copies of all the articles. The titles of the articles can be viewed by inspecting the table of contents of this special issue (click here)

Now......I'm not going to violate copyright laws to make these available for all to see. However, following the "fair use" doctrine, I could make these articles available for viewing if my blog posts were educational and provided criticisms, reviews, comments, etc., that would be educational in nature.

I personally don't have time to do this...I'm traveling and and am swamped. However, I'm now making an offer. If individuals will contact me via email ( and agree to/promise to review select articles from this issue, and provide quest blog post commentary, I'll post their comments along with a link to each article (for others to view).

Maybe we can get a blog carnival going on this topic. Any takers?

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