Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Differential Ability Scales-2nd edition: One more in the CHC column

Kudos to Colin Elliott for the recent publication of the second edition of the Differential Ability Scales (DAS-2). As I wrote about the DAS in my 1997 CHC broad-narrow analysis of all major intelligence batteries (in Flanagan et al.'s, 1997 CIA book), I considered it to be the second most comprehensive battery of CHC abilities...the first, of course, being the deliberately CHC-designed WJ-R and WJ -III (obligatory conflict of interest - I'm a coauthor of the WJ III). I'm not surprised to see that it has now joined the growing crowd (see my CHC bandwagon post) of deliberately CHC-designed intelligence batteries, as it was, IMHO, the next-best instrument (from a CHC perspective) at the time (1997).

As usual, check out the Willis and Dumont web site for additional DAS-2 related information.

I'd love to see a copy. anyone from Psych. Corp. listening? Don't you like the free publicity I just gave the DAS-2? I'd sure love a complimentary copy to examine.

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