Monday, April 09, 2007

Parenting, race, SES and cognitive development

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It is no secret that I'm a firm believer that researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers need to pay closer attention to large-scale, national, longitudinal studies that use multiple indicators and complex statistical model testing to understand important child development issues. One such study, which is now producing some high quality and interesting research articles (and which I previously blogged about re: impact of school retention policies) is the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study.

Although not the easiest read, I found the conceptual model (see figure above) and literature review in the following article of interest. I love conceptual models that provide a means by which to organize data, research, etc. that pass through my mind.

  • Raver, C. C., Gershoff, E. T., & Aber, J. L. (2007). Testing equivalence of mediating models of income, parenting, and school readiness for white, black, and hispanic children in a national sample. Child Development, 78(1), 96115. (click here to view)

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