Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bloggin' tidbit - principles I have learned

I've now read two books on blogging. The first, by Hugh Hewitt, provided much of the initial impetus I needed to start my blog. The second, Naked Conversations, is a much better (and less politically-focused) book and is recommended reading to anyone who wants to better understand the blogphere.

From both books I've extracted a list of principles that I hope I follow in my blog. They are relatively simple. I'm listing them here for others who are contemplating the plunge into a blog. Also, I'm listing them here as an informal, adhoc listing of principles that I hope IQs Corner reflects. If readers of my blog find me straying from these principles....please let me know via a readers need to hold me accountable.

According to what I recall from these two books, the following are select key principles (there are many more) to a successful blog.
  • Be a trusted source.
  • Have or build a reputation/authority in a domain of knowledge.
  • Be transparent.
  • Be authentic.
  • Blog about topics for which you have a passion. [PS - "passion" reminds me of the excellent book I recently read called Exuberence ,by Kay Redfield Jamison - another book I recommend]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kinds words about our book. You also gave a very god capsule of what it's about.

Kevin McGrew said... is nice to receive a comment from an author of Naked Conversations. You folks obviously practice what you preach. Thanks for your many insights via your book.

Anonymous said...

Shel refers to a "god capsule", and I'm thinking I should use some. Where can I get them, and would you recommend taking one a day, along with my apple and vitamin pill, to keep me healthy and livin' right? Cheers to a great blog!

Kevin McGrew said...

Interesting observation re: the misspelling of "good" as "god"....part of what keeps blogs 'authentic" according to Shel Israel in "Naked Conversations." However, maybe we are on to something....."one God capsule a day keeps the devil away?" An interesting marketing campaign could be started.