Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sudoku - Fluid Reasoning (Quantitative) as per CHC

In the current issue of "The Week" (my favorite news magazine) there is an interesting article re: the increased interest, origins, history, allure, etc., in the game Sudoku.

I often refer people to this game as an example of the CHC broad/narrow cognitive ability of Gf-RQ (Fluid Intelligence-Quantitative Reasoning).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

You're the master and I'm far from qualified to be accurate-but I always saw Sudoku as more Gf-RG than QR. I think the reason I think that is because the numbers seem to be more artifacts (one could use letters or even various icons)-it seems to me the bigger skill is that there is one of every different type of symbol in each row, column, and 3X3 grid. One must use logic to figure out where the numbers go (I have placed a 1 in row one and in row 2, so in the third 3X3 matrix-the one must logically fit in row 3).

However, that's my neophyte take on it. What characteristics do you see leading for Gf-RQ?

Joel said...

In support of John's arguments, a variant of Sudoku can be played with colors instead of numbers. For example:

Kevin McGrew said...

You guys are convincing, esp. given the fact that I've never tried to play the game. I'm convinced.