Monday, January 30, 2006

Cross-cultural 3 to 5 year old cognitive development study

Cross-cultural study compares cognitive development in 3-to-5-year-olds

Thanks to Adrew Livanis for a post regarding the following article.
  • Sabbagh, M.A., Xu, F., Carlson, S.M., Moses, L.J., Lee, K. (2006). The development of executive functioning and theory of mind.Psychological Science, 17, 1, 74-81.
As stated by Livanis, "I find this article extremely interesting for many reasons. The
researchers decided to compare a group of Chinese preschoolers to American preschoolers. They administered tests of verbal abilities to match controls and then they administered several tests of executive functioning....... Click on link above to visit School Psychology blog for more indepth discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I truly found this approach to psychology fascinating, and will likely be buying his book. (Mostly because his principals he lined out in the Time article sound a lot like some of my personal experience in dealing with my own anxiety)