Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Monitoring internet "chatter" via Technorati

Folks have been asking me about the Technorati search box next to my blog counter.

Below is some text from the Technorati site. The long-story-short -- if you want to monitor what folks are saying in blogs on the internet, for any topic, just do a search and it will show you the latest comments from different sources (and links to them). If you want to try one, try "CHC intelligence"---yep, this current blog is pretty much the active voice in the land of CHC.

What can be real cool is setting up your own "watchlists" to moniter and feed you information about new stuff that is being posted, almost in real time. Isn't technology grand? I still can remember the days of dial-up with a 9600 baud modem and using "Gopher" to find information on this funny thing called the internet.

You can also check out the top blogs overall as well as top blogs by certain general topic areas (e.g., politics).

Text "borrowed" from the Technorati web site.
  • "Technorati is the authority on what is happening on the real-time web. To find out what people are saying about any subject or website, just enter some text or a website address (URL) in the search box above and and click the "Search" button. Join Technorati today! It is free and you can setup a Watchlist for your favorite URLs and search terms. Watchlists are a powerful way to track what is happening on the web right now: news, sports, corporate information or whatever information is interesting and important to you. Start tracking the daily conversations emerging around the weblogs or websites that are important to you or your business."
"As a member, you can:
  • Add a photograph to your profile and it will appear next to every search referencing your site.
  • Help other people find your site's posts and learn more about you and your writing.
  • Create free watchlists utilizing RSS to stay informed and track conversations as they happen.
  • Enable your readers to search your blog on your own web pages with the Technorati Searchlet."

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