Tuesday, April 12, 2005

'95 CHC Carroll mountain top mtg

I have been surprised by the number of blogsters who have an interest in history. My prior "In memory of Jack Carroll" post, which included a picture of Jack approximately 1 month prior to his passing away, generated a number of emails asking for more personal stories and/or picutres.

As I've written elsewhere (CHC Theory: Past, Present and Future), I believe that the recently declared CHC bandwagon has its roots in the cross-fertlization of the theoretical/research of John Horn and John "Jack" Carroll and the applied psychometric work of Dr. Richard Woodcock, over 20 years ago (1985). Amazing...it has been twenty years.

The Horn-Carroll-Woodcock collaboration, as I describe historically in the link above, continued up through the publication of the WJ3 in 2001. Below is another bit of history. A meeting 10 years ago (1-12-95) where (from left to right--after Jack Carroll on far left) Dr. Richard Woodcock, myself (don't ask why I'm so serious), and Dr. Fred Schrank gathered for one of our ongoing work sessions in Chapel Hill, NC. Yes, Woodcock, Schrank, and McGrew made routine visits to one of the CHC mountains (the other being John Horn) to sit in a circle and ask questions and learn pearls of wisdom. These truly were once-in-lifetime opportunities to learn from one of the greatest educational psychologists of all times.

A handsome and bright looking group...don't you think?


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