Friday, April 08, 2005

In memory of John"Jack" Carroll

A number of folks, either via this blog or during personal conversations, have expressed interest in learning more about my visit to see Dr. John "Jack" Carroll in May of 2003, approximately 0ne month prior to his passing away.

The purpose of the trip was for me to be tutored on the suite of self-written exploratory factor analyses programs he used for his 1993 seminal factor analysis book treatise. With time, I will try to provide brief snippets (and possibly more pictures) of this visit that convey the reverence and respect I have for Dr. Carroll and his work.

Below is a picture of Jack (and yours truly) when out for dinner. The real prize of my trip is that his daughter Mimi later sent me the cardigan he is wearing in this picture. This cardigan was like his official uniform (and topic of good natured ribbing from family members) during his retirement days at his daughters house in Alaska. I have it in a safe place and consider it an honor to have it in my possession



Anonymous said...

Who is that masked man?

Anonymous said...

That trip that you made to visit my father was such a wonderful experience for all of us...many thanks for taking the time. -- Mimi