Thursday, May 12, 2016

"Intelligent" intelligence testing with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Ability #6: Within-Gc assessment tree

Here is the second WJ IV Within-CHC Assessment Tree--this time for Gc.  See prior post where I explain the basis of these groupings (example is for Gf-tree) and what the various arrows and fonts designate.   I am now also including a tabular form of the information.  This is part of my "Intelligent intelligence testing with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities" series.

A PDF copy, which is quite clean, can be downloaded here.

Relevant broad and narrow definitions are below

Comprehension-knowledge (Gc):  The depth and breadth of declarative and procedural knowledge and skills valued by one’s culture. Comprehension of language, words, and general knowledge developed through experience, learning and acculturation.

  • General (verbal) information (K0): The breadth and depth of knowledge that one’s culture deems essential, practical, or worthwhile for most everyone to know.
  • Language development (LD): The general understanding of spoken language at the level of words, idioms, and sentences.  An intermediate factor between broad Gc and other narrow Gc abilities.  It usually represents a number of narrow language abilities working together in concert—therefore it is not likely a unique ability. 
  •  Lexical knowledge (VL): The knowledge of the word definitions and the concepts that underlie them. Vocabulary knowledge.
  • Listening ability (LS): The ability to understand speech, starting with comprehending single words and increasing to long complex verbal statements. 
Domain-specific knowledge (Gkn): The depth, breadth, and mastery of specialized declarative and procedural knowledge typically acquired through one’s career, hobby, or other passionate interest. The Gkn domain is likely to contain more narrow abilities than are currently listed in the CHC model.  
  • Knowledge of culture (K2): The range of knowledge about the humanities (e.g., philosophy, religion, history, literature, music, and art).

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I, Kevin McGrew, am solely responsible for this content.  The information presented here (and in this series) does not necessarily reflect the views of my WJ IV coauthors or that of the publisher of the WJ IV (HMH).

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