Wednesday, May 04, 2016

"Intelligent" intelligence testing with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Ability #4: Evaluating within-CHC domain test score differences

Recently the following was posted to the CHC listerv.

"While working on an assessment this morning, I found another example of Verbal Attention as a measure of Gwm being discordant from other measures of short-term and working memory: 
18 year old with high functioning autism and LD:
WJ IV Verbal Attn - 91, Story Recall - 91, Vis Aud Learning - 76;
(Gc-73, Gf-94, Gv-121, Ga- 61, Gs-82)
WAIS-IV DSF-3, DSB - 7, DSS - 6, Arith - 4
CTOPP 2 Phonol Memory - 70; Rapid Naming - 52  
Thoughts on the Verbal Attention score of 91?"

A number of members provided some good responses.  I have been working on a response, and this is installment #1.  The rest of the response, which gets into substantive hypotheses about why Verbal Attention may differ from other Gwm test scores, is almost done and will be posted (hopefully) by the end of this week.

I apologize for not continuing my "Intelligent" intelligence testing has been a long time since the last post in that series.  Just busy busy busy.


PS.   By clicking on the "in" icon in the lower right corner of the control pane, one can reach a site to download the slides.  For those who want a crisp clear set of the slides in PDF, click on this link.

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