Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New and emerging models of human intelligence (Conway and Kovacs): Comments and elaboration

A nice article that provides an overview of contemporary intelligence research. More importantly, the authors summarize and contrast the psychometric and information processing approaches to understanding human intelligence.

A few comments.  Also, click on any image to enlarge and make more readable.

First.  The CHC figure presented in the article is not a 100% accurate representation of the CHC model.  The figure in the article is most consistent with Jack Carroll's 1993 model.  His model was integrated with Cattell and Horn's models as the CHC model.  A recent chapter by Schneider and McGrew (2012)  provides the best summary of the "CHC" model.

Second. I have been a huge fan of Conway and Engle's executive attention model of working memory and love the figure explaining working memory and the focus of attention.  In fact, in a recent IM Keynote presentation I used a simpler version of this model to explain the importance of attentional control (AC; aka focus) in working memory, and in turn, it's role in understanding higher level cognition.  You can watch this material at the following YouTube video of the entire presentation.  You should start at approximately the 28 minute mark to see the relevant material.

Finally. The authors make the following statements in their "future directions"conclusion.  These points resonate to my thinking as recently outlined in a 4-level explanatory hierarchy for integrating different types of intelligence research.  That information is available in the last (brief) video (Human Intelligence Research:  Connecting the dots) at the end of this post.

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