Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Journal Alert: Developmental Psychology - Online First Publications & Volume 49, Issue 4

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Developmental Psychology

The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Developmental Psychology:

Evaluations of and Reasoning About Normative and Deviant Ingroup and Outgroup Members: Development of the Black Sheep Effect.
Abrams, Dominic; Palmer, Sally B.; Rutland, Adam; Cameron, Lindsey; Van de Vyver, Julie

Development of Planning Abilities in Normal Aging: Differential Effects of Specific Cognitive Demands.
Köstering, Lena; Stahl, Christoph; Leonhart, Rainer; Weiller, Cornelius; Kaller, Christoph P.

Modeling Socioeconomic Status Effects on Language Development.
Thomas, Michael S. C.; Forrester, Neil A.; Ronald, Angelica

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Trajectories of attentional development: An exploration with the master activation map model.
Page 615-631
Michael, George A.; Lété, Bernard; Ducrot, Stéphanie

Taking versus confronting visual perspectives in preschool children.
Page 646-654
Moll, Henrike; Meltzoff, Andrew N.; Merzsch, Katharina; Tomasello, Michael

Children's sociolinguistic evaluations of nice foreigners and mean Americans.
Page 655-664
Kinzler, Katherine D.; DeJesus, Jasmine M.

Phonological skills and vocabulary knowledge mediate socioeconomic status effects in predicting reading outcomes for Chinese children.
Page 665-671
Zhang, Yuping; Tardif, Twila; Shu, Hua; Li, Hong; Liu, Hongyun; McBride-Chang, Catherine; Liang, Weilan; Zhang, Zhixiang

Attachment and internalizing behavior in early childhood: A meta-analysis.
Page 672-689
Madigan, Sheri; Atkinson, Leslie; Laurin, Kristin; Benoit, Diane

The role of acculturative stress on mental health symptoms for immigrant adolescents: A longitudinal investigation.
Page 736-748
Sirin, Selcuk R.; Ryce, Patrice; Gupta, Taveeshi; Rogers-Sirin, Lauren

Reaction and adaptation to the birth of a child: A couple-level analysis.
Page 749-761
Dyrdal, Gunvor Marie; Lucas, Richard E.

Incorporating religiosity into a developmental model of positive family functioning across generations.
Page 762-774
Spilman, Sarah K.; Neppl, Tricia K.; Donnellan, M. Brent; Schofield, Thomas J.; Conger, Rand D.

The home literacy environment and Latino head start children's emergent literacy skills.
Page 775-791
Farver, Jo Ann M.; Xu, Yiyuan; Lonigan, Christopher J.; Eppe, Stefanie

Father–child transmission of school adjustment: A prospective intergenerational study.
Page 792-803
Pears, Katherine C.; Kim, Hyoun K.; Capaldi, Deborah; Kerr, David C. R.; Fisher, Philip A.

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