Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fwd: Executive Function: What You Need to Know

National Center for Learning Disabilities
Executive Functioning Disorder

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Dear Kevin,

What Is Executive Function? If you hear "executive function" and think of a successful CEO, think again! Every one of us uses executive functions daily as we think, process, and perform various tasks. Several executive skills fall under this "mental umbrella" — and each of us is stronger in some than in others.

Learning disabilities and weak executive function often go hand-in-hand. Learn more about executive function (and dysfunction) and get crucial tips in the following pieces: There's a lot of information and insight here, so put on your thinking cap (which, as you will learn, is as unique as you are).

The NCLD Team

P.S. Have a smartphone or tablet? If so, check out these apps to help with organization and study — researched firsthand by a mother-daughter team!

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