Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Developmental Psychology - Online First Publications

APA Journal alert for:
Developmental Psychology

The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Developmental Psychology:

Preschoolers Can Make Highly Accurate Judgments of Learning.
Lipowski, Stacy L.; Merriman, William E.; Dunlosky, John

Information Management Strategies Within Conversations About Cigarette Smoking: Parenting Correlates and Longitudinal Associations With Teen Smoking.
Metzger, Aaron; Wakschlag, Lauren S.; Anderson, Ryan; Darfler, Anne; Price, Juliette; Flores, Zujeil; Mermelstein, Robin

Stability and Change in Intelligence From Age 12 to Age 52: Results From the Luxembourg MAGRIP Study.
Schalke, Daniela; Brunner, Martin; Geiser, Christian; Preckel, Franzis; Keller, Ulrich; Spengler, Marion; Martin, Romain

The Role of Shifting, Updating, and Inhibition in Prospective Memory Performance in Young and Older Adults.
Schnitzspahn, Katharina M.; Stahl, Christoph; Zeintl, Melanie; Kaller, Christoph P.; Kliegel, Matthias

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