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Neuropsychology - Online First Publications & Volume 26, Issue 5

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The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Neuropsychology:

Persistent Cortical Deafness: A Voxel-Based Morphometry and Tractography Study.
Semenza, Carlo; Cavinato, Marianna; Rigon, Jessica; Battel, Irene; Meneghello, Francesca; Venneri, Annalena

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The association between neurocognitive functioning and smoking in adolescence: The TRAILS study.
Page 541-550
Harakeh, Zeena; de Sonneville, Leo; van den Eijnden, Regina J. J. M.; Huizink, Anja C.; Reijneveld, Sijmen A.; Ormel, Johan; Verhulst, Frank C.; Monshouwer, Karin; Vollebergh, Wilma A. M.

Free-viewing laterality tasks: A multilevel meta-analysis.
Page 551-567
Voyer, Daniel; Voyer, Susan D.; Tramonte, Lucia

Mismatched expressions decrease face recognition and corresponding ERP old/new effects in schizophrenia.
Page 568-577
Guillaume, Fabrice; Guillem, François; Tiberghien, Guy; Stip, Emmanuel

Adverse birth factors predict cognitive ability, but not hand preference.
Page 578-587
Nicholls, Michael E. R.; Johnston, David W.; Shields, Michael A.

Spatial neglect and perseveration in visuomotor exploration.
Page 588-603
Ronchi, Roberta; Algeri, Lorella; Chiapella, Laura; Spada, Maria Simonetta; Vallar, Giuseppe

The effect of response modality on immediate serial recall in dementia of the Alzheimer type.
Page 613-623
Macé, Anne-Laure; Ergis, Anne-Marie; Caza, Nicole

Grief and joy: Emotion word comprehension in the dementias.
Page 624-630
Hsieh, Sharpley; Foxe, David; Leslie, Felicity; Savage, Sharon; Piguet, Olivier; Hodges, John R.

Naturalistic assessment of everyday functioning in individuals with mild cognitive impairment: The day-out task.
Page 631-641
Schmitter–Edgecombe, Maureen; McAlister, Courtney; Weakley, Alyssa

Cognitive deficits in the remitted state of unipolar depressive disorder.
Page 642-651
Hasselbalch, Bo Jacob; Knorr, Ulla; Hasselbalch, Steen Gregers; Gade, Anders; Kessing, Lars Vedel

Alzheimer's disease and semantic deficits: A feature-listing study.
Page 652-663
Perri, Roberta; Zannino, Giandaniele; Caltagirone, Carlo; Carlesimo, Giovanni A.

Depressive symptom severity is related to poorer cognitive performance in prodromal Huntington disease.
Page 664-669
Smith, Megan M.; Mills, James A.; Epping, Eric A.; Westervelt, Holly J.; Paulsen, Jane S.

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