Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brain network research and the P-FIT model of intelligence: The Time Doc's working notebooks

I have been slammed with work this summer an have been unable to blog about exciting research I have been reading in the area of brain networks. I did start a series on the P-FIT model of intelligence, but have yet to get back to it as planned. I will...but it will take some time before I can push more projects off my desk.

I have been dutifully compiling working notebooks on two of the most exciting topics and have decided to make them available to readers now. They include abstracts, images, and select text from various sources. I seem to find new research in these two areas almost just maintaining these working notebooks is all I have been able to keep up with. I hope readers find them interesting.

Links to the two notebooks are below...and they will also be available at Reports and Publications section (Neurotechnology subsection) of the MindHub

The first is the "Your brain is a network: The Human Connectome and brain network research notebook". It is suggested you view these notes first as the second fits within this context. [Click on images to enlarge]

The second is "Parietal-Frontal Intelligence: The P-FIT research notebook"

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