Thursday, December 15, 2011

Research Bytes: Journal of Educational Psychology 2011, 23 (4)

Florit, E., & Cain, K. (2011). The Simple View of Reading: Is It Valid for Different Types of Alphabetic Orthographies? Educational Psychology Review, 23(4), 553-576.

Gegenfurtner, A., Lehtinen, E., & Saljo, R. (2011). Expertise Differences in the Comprehension of Visualizations: a Meta-Analysis of Eye-Tracking Research in Professional Domains. Educational Psychology Review, 23(4), 523-552.

Anthony, J. L., Williams, J. M., Duran, L. K., Gillam, S. L., Liang, L., Aghara, R., Swank, P. R., Assel, M. A., & Landry, S. H. (2011). Spanish Phonological Awareness: Dimensionality and Sequence of Development During the Preschool and Kindergarten Years. Journal of Educational Psychology, 103(4), 857-876.

Pan, J., McBrideChang, C., Shu, H., Liu, H. Y., Zhang, Y. P., & Li, H. (2011). What Is in the Naming? A 5-Year Longitudinal Study of Early Rapid Naming and Phonological Sensitivity in Relation to Subsequent Reading Skills in Both Native Chinese and English as a Second Language. Journal of Educational Psychology, 103(4), 897-908

Swanson, H. L. (2011). Working Memory, Attention, and Mathematical Problem Solving: A Longitudinal Study of Elementary School Children. Journal of Educational Psychology, 103(4), 821-837.

Swanson, H. L., Orosco, M. J., Lussier, C. M., Gerber, M. M., & GuzmanOrth, D. A. (2011). The Influence of Working Memory and Phonological Processing on English Language Learner Children's Bilingual Reading and Language Acquisition. Journal of Educational Psychology, 103(4), 838-856

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