Friday, July 01, 2011

Cognitive efficiency measures as the brain's cognitive thermometer

Yet on more study linking poor global processing speed (Gs) with a clinical disorder, this time reading (again). It is very clear that during the past decade one of the most robust research findings (based on the relations between psychometric measures of abilities and all kinds of clinical disorders) is the importance of "cognitive efficiency" in identifying individuals with a wide variety of disorders.

The CHC domains of processing speed (Gs) and working memory (Gsm-WM) have repeatedly been found to be strong indicators that something is wrong in cognitive function, across many clinical disorders. I like to describe measures of cognitive efficiency (Gs+Gsm) as brain thermometers. They can tell you that the cognitive system is not operating efficiently, but they lack specificity to make specific differential diagnoses. Cognitive efficiency markers are domain-general re: Dx.

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