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WMF Human Cognitive Abilities Archive Project: Major update 7-13-11

The free on-line WMF Human Cognitive Abilities (HCA) archive project had a MAJOR update today. An overview of the project, with a direct link to the archive, can be found at the Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation web page (click on "Current Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation Human Cognitive Abilities Archive") . Also, an on-line PPT copy of a poster presentation I made at the 2008 (Dec) ISIR conference re: this project can be found by clicking here.

Today's update added the following 29 new data sets from John "Jack" Carroll's original collection.  We now have approximately 40% of Jack Carroll's original datasets archived on-line.

  • PIMS01/PIMS02  Pimsleur, P., Stockwell, R. P., 7 Comrey, A. L. (1962). Foreign language learning ability. Journal of Educational Psychology, 53, 15-26.
  • PEDU01   Pedulla, J. J., Airasian, P. W., & Madaus, G. F. (1980). Do teacher ratings and standardized test result of students yield the same information? American Educational Research Journal, 17, 303-307.
  • PEMB01  Pemberton, C. (1952). The closure factors related to other cognitive processes. Psychometrika, 17, 267-288.
  • PENF01  Penfold, D. M., & Abou-Hatab, F. A. H. (1967). The factorial dimensions of verbal critical thinking. Journal of Experimental Education. 36(2), 1-12.
  • PETR01  Petrove, Y. I. (1970). [Memory structure as a psychic function] (Russian). Voprosy Psikhologii, 16(3), 132-136.
  • PETE01  Petersen, H., Guilford, J. P., Hoepfner, R., & Merrifield, P. R. (1963). Determination of "Structure-of-Intellect" abilities involved in ninth-grade algebra and general mathematics. Los Angeles: reports from the Psychological Laboratory, University of Southern California, No. 31.
  • PARA01/PARA04  Paraskevopoulos, J. N., & Kirk, S. A. (1969) The development and psychometric characteristics of the revised Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press.
  • OLSO51  Olson, J. R. (1966). A factor analytic study of the relation between the speed of visual perception and the language abilities of deaf adolescents. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Ohio State University. (University Microfilms 67-2507)
  • PATE01  Paterson, D. G., Elliott, R. M., Anderson, L. D., Toops, H. A., & Heidbreder, E. (1930). Minnesota Mechanical Ability Tests. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.
  • MOUR01  Moursy, E. M. (1952). The hierarchical organization of cognitive levels. British Journal of Statistical Psychology, 5, 151-180.
  • MOON01  Mooney, C. M. (1954). A factorial study of closure. Canadian Journal of Psychology, 8, 51-60.
  • MULL01  Mulla, M. A. (1979). Aptitude, attitude, motivation, anxiety, intolerance of ambiguity, and other biographical variables as predictors of achievement in English as a Foreign Language by high school science majors in Saudi Arabia. Unpublished Ph. D. Dissertation, University of Michigan.
  • MEEK01  Meeker, M., & Meyers, C. E. (1971). Memory factors and school success of average and special groups of ninth-grade boys. Genetic Psychology Monographs, 83, 275-308. 
  • MICH51  Michael, W. B., Zimmerman, W. S., & Guilford, J. P. (1950). An investigation of two hypotheses regarding the nature of the spatial-relations and visualization factors. Educational & Psychological Measurement, 10, 187-213.
  • MICH61/MICH62  Michael, W. B., Zimmerman, W. S., & Guilford, J. P. (1951). An investigation of the nature of the spatial-relations and visualization factors in two high school samples. Educational & Psychological Measurement, 11, 561-577. 
  • MASN01  Many, D. (1983) Cognitive and linguistic correlates of second language grammaticality judgments. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Montreal.

Request for assistance: The HCA project needs help tracking down copies of old journal articles, dissertations, etc. for a number of datasets being archived. We have yet to locate copies of the original manuscripts for a significant number of datasets that have been posted to the archive. Help in locating copies of these MIA manuscripts would be appreciated.  Please visit the special "Requests for Assistance" section of this archive to view a more complete list of manuscripts that we are currently having trouble locating. If you have access to either a paper or e-copy of any of the designated "fugitive" documents, and would be willing to provide them to WMF to copy/scan (we would cover the costs), please contact Dr. Kevin McGrew at the email address listed at the site.  A copy of the complete list or datasets with missing mannuscripts (in red font) can also be downloaded directlly from here.

Please join the WMF HCA listserv to receive routine email updates regarding the WMF HCA project.

All posts regarding this project can be found here.

Finally, it was exciting to learn that an article "in press" in the journal Intelligence utilized one of the WMF HCA archived datasets.  Information regarding that article is contained in the two images below.

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