Thursday, October 14, 2010

iPost Research Byte: Digits backward measure of working memory (but memory span in adults)

Copy of complete article available here.

Backwards digit recall: A measure of short-term memory or working memory?

Author: Helen L. St Clair-Thompsona


Backwards digit recall is often employed as a measure of working memory (e.g., Gathercole, Pickering, Ambridge, & Wearing, 2004). However, some researchers suggest that it may be better described as a task assessing short-term memory (e.g., Engle, Tuholski, Laughlin, & Conway, 1999). The present study explored the relationships between backwards digit recall and commonly used measures of short-term and working memory in children and in adults. The results suggested that backwards digit recall can best be described as a measure of working memory in children, but short-term memory in adults. The results are discussed in terms of both theoretical and practical implications for memory research.

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