Friday, September 10, 2010

iPost: Psychological Review - Online First Publications & Volume 117, Issue 3

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 Psychological Review - Online First Publications & Volume 117, Issue 3

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Psychological Review

The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Psychological Review:

Neurally constrained modeling of perceptual decision making.
Purcell, Braden A.; Heitz, Richard P.; Cohen, Jeremiah Y.; Schall, Jeffrey D.; Logan, Gordon D.; Palmeri, Thomas J.

The robust beauty of ordinary information.
Katsikopoulos, Konstantinos V.; Schooler, Lael J.; Hertwig, Ralph

The categorization-individuation model: An integrative account of the other-race recognition deficit.
Hugenberg, Kurt; Young, Steven G.; Bernstein, Michael J.; Sacco, Donald F.

  • A new issue is available:

  • Correction to Trope and Liberman (2010).
    Page 1024
    Trope, Yaacov; Liberman, Nira

    A dual-stage two-phase model of selective attention.
    Page 759-784
    Hübner, Ronald; Steinhauser, Marco; Lehle, Carola

    A biologically realistic cortical model of eye movement control in reading.
    Page 808-830
    Heinzle, Jakob; Hepp, Klaus; Martin, Kevan A. C.

    Assessing the belief bias effect with ROCs: It's a response bias effect.
    Page 831-863
    Dube, Chad; Rotello, Caren M.; Heit, Evan

    The psychology of intertemporal tradeoffs.
    Page 925-944
    Scholten, Marc; Read, Daniel

    Operant variability and voluntary action.
    Page 972-993
    Neuringer, Allen; Jensen, Greg

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