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iPost: Neuropsychology - Online First Publications & Volume 24, Issue 5

 Neuropsychology - Online First Publications & Volume 24, Issue 5

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The following articles have been published online this week before they appear in a final print and online issue of Neuropsychology:

The independent influence of apathy and depression on cognitive functioning in parkinson's disease.
Butterfield, London C.; Cimino, Cynthia R.; Oelke, Lynn E.; Hauser, Robert A.; Sanchez-Ramos, Juan

Intraindividual variability in reaction time predicts cognitive outcomes 5 years later.
Bielak, Allison A. M.; Hultsch, David F.; Strauss, Esther; MacDonald, Stuart W. S.; Hunter, Michael A.

Is decision making really impaired in eating disorders?
Guillaume, Sébastien; Sang, Caroline Ngo Ton; Jaussent, Isabelle; Raingeard, Isabelle; Bringer, Jacques; Jollant, Fabrice; Courtet, Philippe

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Testing covariates of Type 2 diabetes-cognition associations in older adults: Moderating or mediating effects?
Page 547-562
McFall, G. Peggy; Geall, Bonnie P.; Fischer, Ashley L.; Dolcos, Sanda; Dixon, Roger A.

The nature of naming errors in primary progressive aphasia versus acute post-stroke aphasia.
Page 581-589
Budd, Maggi A.; Kortte, Kathleen; Cloutman, Lauren; Newhart, Melissa; Gottesman, Rebecca F.; Davis, Cameron; Heidler-Gary, Jennifer; Seay, Margaret W.; Hillis, Argye E.

Executive function in individuals with subthreshold autism traits.
Page 590-598
Christ, Shawn E.; Kanne, Stephen M.; Reiersen, Angela M.

Recognition by familiarity is preserved in Parkinson's without dementia and Lewy-Body disease.
Page 599-607
Algarabel, Salvador; Rodríguez, Lucía-Azahara; Escudero, Joaquín; Fuentes, Manuel; Peset, Vicente; Pitarque, Alfonso; Cómbita, Lina-Marcela; Mazón, Jose F.

Scene construction in schizophrenia.
Page 608-615
Raffard, Stéphane; D'Argembeau, Arnaud; Bayard, Sophie; Boulenger, Jean-Philippe; Van der Linden, Martial

Age-related practice effects across longitudinal neuropsychological assessments in older people with schizophrenia.
Page 616-624
Granholm, Eric; Link, Peter; Fish, Scott; Kraemer, Helena; Jeste, Dilip

Data-driven methodology illustrating mechanisms underlying word list recall: Applications to clinical research.
Page 625-636
Longenecker, Julia; Kohn, Philip; Liu, Stanley; Zoltick, Brad; Weinberger, Daniel R.; Elvevåg, Brita

Appraising the ANT: Psychometric and theoretical considerations of the Attention Network Test.
Page 637-651
MacLeod, Jeffrey W.; Lawrence, Michael A.; McConnell, Meghan M.; Eskes, Gail A.; Klein, Raymond M.; Shore, David I.

Modeling the effects of hypoglycemia on a two-choice task in adult humans.
Page 652-660
Geddes, Jacqueline; Ratcliff, Roger; Allerhand, Michael; Childers, Russ; Wright, Rohana J.; Frier, Brian M.; Deary, Ian J.

A pilot study of the neuropsychological benefits of computerized cognitive rehabilitation in Ugandan children with HIV.
Page 667-673
Boivin, Michael J.; Busman, Rachelle A.; Parikh, Sujal M.; Bangirana, Paul; Page, Connie F.; Opoka, Robert O.; Giordani, Bruno

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