Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Virutal lecture: Flanagan on Theory and Research-based Approach to SLD identification
Dear Professor:

We invite you to join us online for a Virtual Guest Lecture on the following topic:

Guest Lecture Topic
A Theory- and Research-based Approach to SLD Identification: Integrating RTI with Cognitive Assessment Data

Monday, March 22 @ 2 p.m. ET - Click here to register

Presenter: Dawn Flanagan, St. John's University
Work in the 21st Century

RTI and cognitive assessment are not mutually exclusive and both are necessary for diagnosis and treatment of SLD. While debates between RTI-only advocates and cognitive assessment advocates will continue, neither side has strong enough evidence to convince us to abandon the other. In her Guest Lecture, Dawn Flanagan will present a theory- and research-based definition of SLD that integrates data from multiple sources and methods via a tiered service delivery model which will aid in differential diagnosis (i.e., distinguishing SLD from other disabilities and conditions).

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Don't miss this great opportunity! We're looking forward to having you join us!


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P.S. If you know of a colleague who might be interested in this guest lecture series, we encourage you to pass this email along.

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