Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WMF Human Cognitive Abilities (HCA) project update: 12-30-09 -- FREE data for secondary analysis!

The free on-line WMF Human Cognitive Abilities (HCA) archive project was updated today. An overview of the project, with a direct link to the archive, can be found at the Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation web page (click on "Current Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation Human Cognitive Abilities Archive") . Also, an on-line PPT copy of a poster presentation I made at the 2008 (Dec) ISIR conference re: this project can be found by clicking here.

After a period of inactivity (due to being swamped), I am pleased to announce the following additions and revisions.

Currently, 115 of Jack Carroll's original correlation matrices (in Excel file format) are now available at the archive. These correlation files can be downloaded for free and can be used for secondary data analysis. Of these 115, 75 also include the original manuscript which provides descriptive information regarding the variables in the correlation matrices. Finally, 59 of the 115 include the correlation matrices, original publication, and Carroll's official EFA results.  We continue to work hard to try to locate copies of old articles, missing files, etc.

Below are the additions and revisions to the archive for the current update.  The abbreviations used below are those used by Jack Carroll  in his 1993 book. A master index of these abbreviations and associated references can be found at the following link.

The following are new correlation matrices that are available:
  • DEVRO1
  • DUNC11
  • SATT11
  • SAUN03
  • SAUN11
  • SCHE11
  • SCHI01
  • SCHI02
  • SCHI11
  • SCHI12
  • SCHU01
  • SCHU02
The original manuscript (dissertation) for FAUL11 has now been added to that dataset branch.

Errors in the variable names for REIN01, REIN02, REIN03, and REIN04 Excel correlation files have been fixed.

Happy holidays.

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