Monday, December 14, 2009

New IAP Applied Psychometrics 101 Report: IQ scores and SEM

A new IAP Applied Psychometrics 101 report (#5) is now available.  The title of the report and abstract is below.  The report can be downloaded by clicking here.

Applied Psychometrics 101 #4:  The Standard Error of Measurement (SEM):  An Explanation and Facts for "Fact Finders" in Atkins MR/ID death penalty proceedings.


The standard error of measurement (SEM) is a professionally accepted and scientifically based measurement concept that allows users of psychological test scores to account for the known degree of imprecision in the scores.  Atkins MR/ID cases almost always involve standardized psychological testing in the domains of intelligence (IQ tests) and adaptive behavior (AB).  Scores from IQ and AB measures are fallible—not perfectly reliable.  This report provides an easy to understand explanation of the psychometric concept of SEM augmented by an example based on real-world data.  The report concludes with 8 SEM facts that “fact finders” should understand and internalize when evaluating psychological test data during legal proceedings--Atkins MR/ID death penalty proceedings in particular.
Here is a visual treat/tease from the report:

All prior IAP AP101 reports can be accessed via the Applied Psychometrics 101 (AP101) Reports section of the blog--on the blog sidebar.

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