Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Uses and Abuses of Intelligence book: Reviews and responses

I previously made a post mentioning the recent and controversial book by John Raven - Uses and Abuses of Intelligence. Dr. Raven was courteous enough to send me a copy a year ago...and despite good intentions, I've not got around to reading it (so much to little time). Thus, I thought it would be a good idea to post some reviews and a response to one of the reviews by Raven. This way people can make their own informed decisions.

An overview description of the book can be found here.

Independent reviews by Sutherland, Belgrev, and Hunt can also be viewed.

A response by Raven to Sutherland can be found here.

This is an FYI announcement. As noted above, I've not had time to read the book and have formed no judgment at this time.

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Wally Howe said...

Read Hunt's review - good discussion about the pros and cons of using IRT in test construction/item selection - bad as limits theory development; good as the only true measure of change over time (a point made strongly by Raven. WJ users have W scores, but most other tests don't offer this option.