Thursday, May 28, 2009

CHC intelligence dissertation updates

A feature some of my readers may not be aware of is what I call "Dissertation Dish" posts. You can view all the DD posts I've made to date by clicking here. What are these?

Simple. I have a series of "alerts" set with ProQuest Digital Dissertation services that notifies me when any new dissertation is available via their service that touches on the topics of the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) theory of cognitive abilities and assessment instruments related to the their. I receive email alerts of new dissertations. I then check the abstracts. If the abstract looks of interest to my readers, I then will make a DD post of the abstract at IQs Corner blog. You can always find all of these by clicking on the "dissertation dish" category label.

More importantly, as part of my roles as Research Director with WMF, I often purchase a PDF copy of the dissertations and share them with Barb Wendling, Education Director of WMF. She then puts together an WMF asbstract brief as part of the WMF Doctoral Dissertation Asbstract Project.

I hope this little service helps researchers and assessment professionals keep in touch with unpublished research.....research that hopefully will eventually reach a journal somewhere.

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