Wednesday, May 27, 2009

European Journal of Psych Assessment V25(2)

A new issue is available for the following Hogrefe & Huber journal:

European Journal of Psychological Assessment

Volume 25, Issue 2

Assessing cognitive failures.
Pages 69-72
Efklides, Anastasia; Sideridis, Georgios D.
FACT-2—The Frankfurt Adaptive Concentration Test: Convergent validity with self-reported cognitive failures.
Pages 73-82
Goldhammer, Frank; Moosbrugger, Helfried; Krawietz, Sabine A.
Situational variability of experiential and rational information-processing styles in stressful situations.
Pages 107-114
Claes, Laurence; Witteman, Cilia; van den Bercken, John
The Blank in the Mind Questionnaire (BIMQ).
Pages 115-122
Moraitou, Despina; Efklides, Anastasia
Realism of confidence judgments.
Pages 123-130
Stankov, Lazar; Lee, Jihyun; Paek, Insu
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