Friday, November 14, 2008

IQ Research bytes # 6: Friday PM intelligence factor analysis fest

Friday afternoon factor analysis fest!

  • I just posted information on a CFA study examining the constructs of broad cognitive processing speed (Gs) and sustained attention (SA). A few other factor-analysis based articles caught my eye in my e-inbox.
  • Blaga et al. have an "in press" study in the journal Intelligence that examined the continuity of the structure of cognitive development from infancy to preschool with a longitudinal research design. Support was found for strong continuity of cognitive development. To learn more...
  • Also in press in Intelligence is a very intriguing article by Demetriou et al. that attempts to go beyond the hot research topic/hypothesis that fluid reasoning (Gf) or g (general intelligence) may be strongly influenced by working memory (Gsm-MW) and indirectly by broad cognitive processing speed, Gs (the developmental cascade hypothesis). Their study suggests a hierarchical organization of sub-processes (speed of processing or Gs, perceptual discrimination, perceptual control, conceptual control, working memory, information integration) that are causally related in a sequence that explains Gf or g. To learn more...

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