Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Woodcock-Munoz Foundation (WMF) Update

The Woodcock-Munoz Foundation (WMF) is pleased to announce a significant revision of its website. A number of new projects are listed under the various programs (e.g., Dissertation Abstracts Project; direct link to Human Cognitive Abilities project; to name but a few). Under the Instructional Materials Grants program you can view assessment course syllabi from universities that have been awarded instructional materials grants. And, stay tuned for future publications and materials from WMF Press.

Kudos to Beth Stanford for making this all possible.

Briefly, the mission of the "The Woodcock-Muñoz Foundation (WMF) is a private, non-profit operating foundation that supports the advancement of contemporary cognitive assessment. The WMF engages in programs of instructional support to professional preparation programs, research concerning the abilities of individuals with diagnosed exceptionalities, and closely-related educational and research projects."

Conflict of interest note - I, Kevin McGrew, am the WMF Research Director

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