Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tech tidbit - freeing up more RAM via disabling of useless Windows services

Thanks to Lifehacker for solving a pesty mystery for me.

As most Windows-based PC users have experienced, over time a person's computer starts to become sluggish (for a variety of reasons). I've always been one to frequently optimizes my hard drive, run various Norton SystemWorks utilitities, etc., but I've always been afraid to remove many of those little Windows program utilities that load when the system boots. I've always wanted the courage to disable some of these services to free up more RAM...but I've been afraid to...for fear of screwing up something important.

Lifehackers had a recent post that directs you to a very useful site devoted to "getting ride of useless Windows services." I went to this source and disabled a good 6-8 little Windows booting programs.........with no major side effects. I feel empowered.

If you are like me, and want to keep your system working efficiently, I'd recommend checking out this web page. The explanations of the services, and why you might want them (or more often, why you don't need them), are very short, sweet and simple.


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