Saturday, July 22, 2006

Integrative theory of ADHD

Nice FYI post at the Eide Neurolearning blog regarding an editorial in the American Journal of Psychiatry re: an integrative theory of ADHD.  As per usual, the ENL also provides a link to a copy of the actual pdf article.  Thanks ENL.

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Anonymous said...

Subject: GSR Biofeedback Protocol for ADHD

Dear Biofeedback specialist, ADHD practitioner
I would like to bring to your attention a new concept in ADD testing. An objective physiological measure of ADHD has been elusive. However, research by Jason Alster MSc has shown that when an ADD person tries to sit still, do a boring task, or concentrate- they actually enter stress as measured by electro dermal activity. Measuring electron flow in a circuit the body operates largely by a series of electrical impulses which have been shown to follow certain pathways and measure changes in the electrical resistance or the ability of the tissue to conduct electricity. This marker is positive in the majority of ADD clients tested. Then GSR biofeedback may be used to improve the stress result. A protocol using this valid objective physiological marker has just been published in a video- "Guide for GSR Biofeedback Techniques for the Natural ADHD Practitioner".
Resource- video-