Friday, August 26, 2005

New Charles "Bell Curve" Murray IQ/race/gender manuscript

This is an FYI post regarding an on-line manuscript posted today at the Commentary Magazine web page.

Charles Murrary, co-author of the contentious and widely reviewed/critiqued Bell Curve IQ book, has today published new comments and conclusions (The Inequity Taboo) regarding his position and reading of the controversial race/gender/intelligence literature.

Please note that the input he received (from well as other scholars) regarding this manuscript (in his "notes" section) does not imply endorsement of any part of the manuscript.
  • "My thanks go to Michael Ashton, Thomas Bouchard, Gregory Carey, Christopher DeMuth, David Geary, Linda Gottfredson, Arthur Jensen, John Loehlin, David Lubinski, Kevin McGrew, Richard McNally, Derek Neal, Steven Pinker, Philip Roth, Philippe Rushton, Sally Satel, Christina Hoff Sommers, Hua Tang, Marley Watkins, Lawrence Weiss, and James Q. Wilson for responding to questions or commenting on drafts. Their appearance on this list does not imply their endorsement of anything in the essay."
It appears that the topic of race and IQ may be heating up again. See two recent FYI blog posts (one; two) regarding a recent special issue of an APA journal that dealt exclusively with this topic.

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