Saturday, March 26, 2005

"A beautiful mind" - High Gv and MindManager

One of my favorite scenes from the moview "A beautiful mind" is when Professor John Nash has a wall covered with various newspaper and magazine clippings that are interconnected in complex ways via looks like a complex spider web.

Whenever I reflect on that scene, I think about the powerful and creativity enhancement piece of software I stumbled across a few years ago (note - no commercial interest or conflict of interest for this plug) that has revolutionalized how I, a person high in Gv thinking abilities (please don't ask what I'm low in), organize almost all my professional thinking. By clicking here, you can visit one such map as posted on the web, and then click your way through the topics and subtopics.

The program is called MindManager and is published by MindJet. High Gv thinkers, especially those who like to draw mind or concept maps, should take a peek at this tool. I couldn't live without it.

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Anonymous said...

I say that's beauty in chaos...

It also seems to spark in my musings that perhaps there was something of sequential vs. simultaneous thinking. I find such a representation to be overwhelming (it's not hard to understand...just that there's so much of it.)

Regarding the last sentence in the post...I only wonder what Dr. Ellis would say ;-)