Friday, January 22, 2016

"Intelligent" testing with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Ability: #1: The big picture perspective

Today I am launching a new series called "Intelligent" testing with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Ability (credit goes to Dr. Alan Kaufman for coining this term and approach to clinical intelligence test interpretation).

Since the WJ IV was published in 2014, after spending more than a year traveling the country introducing the WJ IV battery to various professional groups, it has become clear that users are hungry for more advanced interpretation material, particularly for the cognitive ability tests.

I have been busy the past 6 months completing all kinds of new analyses, reading literature, and revisiting the information in the technical manual.  As a result, I have developed some new advanced interpretation material for the cognitive (and related oral language) tests.  I will be presenting a large portion of this material at my half-day workshop at NASP in New Orleans in February.

Before presenting the new material, I first believe it is important that individuals have a proper "big picture" perspective on the strengths and limitations of intelligence testing.  I have presented this big picture material in a brief YouTube video I posted previously.  It is provided (again) below.  There will be one more additional "big picture" post prior to delving into the WJ IV specific information.

Stay tuned.  The scheduling of these posts will be on a "as I have time" basis.

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