Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reseach byte: Working memory training (Gwm) may improve emotion regulation ability

Working memory training improves emotion regulation ability: Evidence from HRV


The training group's working memory capacity was increased after training.
The HF-HRV in emotion regulation condition was enhanced by training.
Working memory training improves emotion regulation ability.


Emotion regulation during social situations plays a pivotal role in health and interpersonal functioning. In this study, we propose a working memory training approach to improve emotion regulation ability. This training promotes an updating function that is a crucial modulated process for emotion regulation. In the present study, the participants in the training group completed a running memory task over 20 days of training. Their working memory capability and high-frequency heart rate variability (HF-HRV) data on pretest and posttest were assessed and analyzed. Compared with the control group, the training group's reaction time in the 2-back working memory task was reduced significantly. In addition, the HF-HRV in the emotion regulation condition was increased after the 20-day training, which indicates that the working memory training effect could transfer to emotion regulation. In other words, working memory training improved emotion regulation ability.


  • Emotion regulation;
  • Working memory training;
  • High-frequency HRV;
  • Attention control

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