Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update: A Fresh Look at How to Enhance Brain & Mental Health

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May 2013 eNewsletter
Time for SharpBrains' May e-newsletter. which features a variety of articles offering a more optimistic and evidence-based approach to brain and mental health than current practices.  

ScientificAmericanFirst of all, let us highlight that Scientific American just published an excellent review of our new book. The review author sums it up by saying that "...I wish I had read this awesome guide when I was much younger...I find the emerging field of neuroplasticity immensely exciting, and guides like this one are both hopeful and reasonable." As a reader points out, the word "awesome" does not appear often in science-oriented we are especially proud to see The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness: How to Optimize Brain Health and Performance at Any Age (April 2013; 284 pages) merit such treatment. 
New thinking: New science: New tools:
  • Great Kirkus Review: "A stim­u­lat­ing, chal­leng­ing resource, full of solid infor­ma­tion and prac­ti­cal tips for improv­ing brain health."
  • "Reading this book will change the way you think about your brain, and perhaps the way you live." (R. Goodman, 5-star amazon review)  
  • " you invest in your own brain and mind...This book, at the very least, will make you wiser." (Julian L. Sevillano, 5-star amazon review)  
  • SharpBrains Guide "...this book is mandatory reading for the entire staff... an inspirational and educational goldmine." (Martin J. Pazzani, 5-star amazon review)  
  • "...straightforward and easy to understand for the person who hasn't been immersed in the study of neuroscience...tells exactly what a person can do to keep the brain healthy." (May Lou Hely, 5-star amazon review)
  • "You can read the book from front to back, from back to front, in chunks or paragraphs, use it as an encyclopedia...or use it as a very sophisticated self-help book that's solid and accurate, with no fluff or filler." (Judith C. Tingley, 5-star amazon review)
That's it for now. Have a stimulating June!
-- The SharpBrains Team
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