Saturday, December 04, 2010

IAP logo poll--looking for feedback

Need help deciding. My son-in-law, who does graphic design, has worked with me to develop a professional logo for my corporation (the Institute for Applied Psychometrics - IAP). After a number rounds and iterations, we have it narrowed down to the following six. As you can see, the logo includes the greek symbol associated with psychology (Psi) and the normal curve.

I would like feedback from my readers. The pool is at the top of the blog page on the left margin. "Comments" are also welcome.

The selected logo will then be integrated into a separate logo for "IQs Corner"...the nickname for this blog.

Thank you in advance for feedback. Double click on the image to see a larger version.

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John Willis said...

All are attractive and professional. The curve seems to have a negative skew.

The normal curve is most visible in 3 and next best in 1 & 4.

The bow of the psi is most visible on 1 & 4.

Therefore, I'd choose 1 or 4. Are the colors maroon for WJ III COG, blue for ACH, and gray for Dx Supplement?

John Willis

Unknown said...

As John says, the bow of the psi is most visible on 1 & 4, but I think that's confusing as the letter is I (not PS or the P). The least visible bow is 3: therefore I choose 3. But I like the colours best on 1
Trevor James

CAFiorello said...

I picked 6 because I felt the psi was less confusing when muted compared to the I.

But they all look pretty darn good and very professional.

Cathy Fiorello

Anonymous said...

4. Is this a new type of visual discrimination test, for early on a Monday morning? Did I win?