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iAbstracts: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Vol. 40, Issue 1 - New Issue Alert

Wednesday, January 27

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In this issue:
Original Paper
The Relationship Between Systemising and Mental Rotation and the Implications for the Extreme Male Brain Theory of Autism
Author(s)Mark Brosnan, Rajiv Daggar & John Collomosse
Online since
Page1 - 7

Original Paper
Evaluating the Use of Exploratory Factor Analysis in Developmental Disability Psychological Research
Author(s)Megan Norris & Luc Lecavalier
Online since
Page8 - 20

Original Paper
Increased White Matter Gyral Depth in Dyslexia: Implications for Corticocortical Connectivity
Author(s)Manuel F. Casanova, Ayman S. El-Baz, Jay Giedd, Judith M. Rumsey & Andrew E. Switala
Online since
Page21 - 29

Original Paper
Impaired Competence for Pretense in Children with Autism: Exploring Potential Cognitive Predictors
Author(s)Sally Bigham
Online since
Page30 - 38

Original Paper
Unimpaired Perception of Social and Physical Causality, but Impaired Perception of Animacy in High Functioning Children with Autism
Author(s)Sara Congiu, Anne Schlottmann & Elizabeth Ray
Online since
Page39 - 53

Original Paper
Clinical Characteristics Associated with Language Regression for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Author(s)Lauren A. Jones & Jonathan M. Campbell
Online since
Page54 - 62

Original paper
Bullying Among Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Prevalence and Perception
Author(s)Eeske van Roekel, Ron H. J. Scholte & Robert Didden
Online since
Page63 - 73

Original Paper
ABA Versus TEACCH: The Case for Defining and Validating Comprehensive Treatment Models in Autism
Author(s)Kevin Callahan, Smita Shukla-Mehta, Sandy Magee & Min Wie
Online since
Page74 - 88

original paper
Resolution of the Diagnosis Among Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Associations with Child and Parent Characteristics
Author(s)Shahaf Milshtein, Nurit Yirmiya, David Oppenheim, Nina Koren-Karie & Shlomit Levi
Online since
Page89 - 99

Original Paper
Responses to Nonverbal Behaviour of Dynamic Virtual Characters in High-Functioning Autism
Author(s)Caroline Schwartz, Gary Bente, Astrid Gawronski, Leonhard Schilbach & Kai Vogeley
Online since
Page100 - 111

Original Paper
Sensory Processing Subtypes in Autism: Association with Adaptive Behavior
Author(s)Alison E. Lane, Robyn L. Young, Amy E. Z. Baker & Manya T. Angley
Online since
Page112 - 122

Brief Report
Brief Report: Perception and Lateralization of Spoken Emotion by Youths with High-Functioning Forms of Autism
Author(s)Kimberly F. Baker, Allen A. Montgomery & Ruth Abramson
Online since
Page123 - 129

Book review
Sally Kirk: Hope for the Autism Spectrum: A Mother and Son Journey of Insight and Biomedical Intervention
Author(s)Mojdeh Bayat
Online since
Page130 - 131

Book Review
Merope Pavlides: Animal-assisted Interventions for Individuals with Autism
Author(s)Nena Adams
Online since
Page132 - 133

Book Review
Vera Bernard-Opitz: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Structured Teaching and Experience-Based Program for Therapists, Teachers, and Parents
Author(s)Selda Ozdemir
Online since
Page134 - 135

Book review
R. Janney and M.E. Snell: Behavioral Support: Teachers' Guides to Inclusive Practices (Second Edition)
Author(s)Christos K. Nikopoulos
Online since
Page136 - 137
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