Friday, October 30, 2009

Intelligence theory and testing posts in the "pipeline"

Future posts at either ICDP or IQs Corner blogs.
  • What does the WAIS-IV measure per CHC theory?
  • School psychologist potential role in Atkins MR proceedings (with actual case example from court records)
  • Can a person with mild MR achieve above their IQ? (remember Forrest Gump)
  • Courts struggle with establishing adaptive behavior functioning during childhood
  • Why IQ scores may differ - scoring errors are potentially more of a problem than we acknowledge
  • Description/overview of major IQ tests
  • CHC analysis of major IQ tests, with emphasis on composite scores (since these are what are paid attention to in court proceedings)
  • Hopefully clear definitions of "standard error of measurement" and "standardized tests" some misunderstandings need clarification
  • Why you can't average standard scores...a psychometric "no no"
  • plus other stuff
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