Friday, February 06, 2009

LD, RTI, cognitive testing: AGORA course

Interested in expert opinions on the interaction of LD identification, RTI and the role of cognitive testing? Check out the AGORA multi-media course. I participated as one of the talking heads, but receive no royalties [I got a small honorarium]. A copy of the flyer can be found by clicking here. Description is below

  • Attached is a flyer describing a multi-media course on SLD identification that includes coverage of both RTI and Comprehensive Assessment and that culminates in seven best practices principles based on current research. It is 6 hours long and is meant to be delivered in either two, 3-hour, 1/2 day sessions or one, 6-hour, full day session. It is intended to be purchased by districts and to be delivered by someone in district (anyone who volunteers, as there is no skill or knowledge base necessary to be a facilitator). Continuing education credits may be obtained after completing this course. Note that some districts cannot afford to send school personnel to conferences and many districts cannot afford to bring speakers in due to significant budget cuts. This course is very cost effective and can serve to train many professionals in house for a fraction of what it would cost to send them to conferences or bring in a speaker. Finally, this professional development program will enhance any course in assessment or Specific Learning Disability (SLD), in particular, because students are exposed to the research and viewpoints of many leaders on all sides of the SLD identification controversies.
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Anonymous said...

I finally received approval to order this for my district. Hoping this can lead to good LEA policy implementation for learning disabilities.