Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WMF Human Cognitive Abilities archive project announcement

I'm pleased to announce, under the auspicious of my Woodcock-Munoz Foundation (WMF) Research Director Position hat (one of the many hats I wear), that the WMF Human Cognitive Abilities Archive Project is now operational! The focus of this project is to make available (for secondary data analysis) the original correlation matrices used by Dr. John "Jack" Carroll in his seminal treatise Human Cognitive Abilities: A Survey of Factor-Analytic Studies (Carroll, 1993).

The WMF HCA archive can be found by clicking here (for Gv-oriented MindMap navigation, here for more traditional web page navigation, and here for a simple outline navigation mode. You can toggle between the three navigation modes via the three options in the upper right hand corner of each modes home page.

As you will see when visiting the site, there is a special WMF HCA announcement (newsletter) listserv that one should join to receive routine updates regarding the posting of new correlation matrices, as well as other project related information. Correlation matrices, as well as copies of the original manuscripts (if they can be located), will be posted as they are processed.

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