Thursday, May 08, 2008

CHC theory overview article: Recommended resource

I just read what I believe is one of the most concise and up-to-date summaries of contemporary CHC intelligence theory.

The article was just published in the American Annals of the Deaf by Dr. Bryan D. Miller, Associate Professor of Psychology, Gallaudet University. The introduction and review would serve as concise overview for anyone interested in learning about CHC theory. In all honesty, much of the material sounds very familiar....that it was gleaned from Dr. Miller's reading of the major contemporary CHC articles and chapters, including my own CHC Theory: Past, Present and Future. I consider it a compliment when someone extends my well as the work of other contemporary CHC scholars. My only criticism is that greater credit should have been given to Dr. Richard Woodcock for being the primary mover-and-shaker in bringing Gf-Gc/CHC theory over to the field of applied intellectual assessment [see my historical treatment in CHC Theory: Past, Present and Future].

I have no expertise with this particular special population. Of interest to me was Dr. Miller's conclusion, based on a synthesis of research, that cognitive strengths in this population lie primarily in Gf, Glr, and Gv. What excites me most is the infusion of the CHC theory and terminology into another field.

As I've mentioned before (click here and here), the CHC tipping point has arrived as evidence by its infusion in related fields.

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