Friday, February 02, 2007

Dr. Raven's 3-20/21-07 education policy seminar

In a prior post I made mention of a forthcoming two-day seminar by Dr. John Raven at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Steve Hughes has now provided a description about this seminar. A summary of the presentation is listed below, along with links to a more detailed ad flyer and registration information.

The Learning Society: How Educators Can Help Our Children Save the Planet (click here for more info)

John Raven, Ph.D.
College of Human Ecology
University of Edinburgh

March 20-21, 9:00-4:30
Room 156, Continuing Education and Conference Center,
1890 Buford Avenue, University of Minnesota, St. Paul Campus
(click here for link to registration)

  • "Join world famous author, researcher, and Competency-Based Education expert John Raven for a special two-day workshop designed for educational policymakers and practitioners. Learn about cutting-edge techniques from organizational psychology that help create a vibrant and innovative educational system — a system where children develop the awareness, confidence, and leadership skills necessary to address meaningful, real-world problems: Problems that will define (or destroy) the future of human life on Earth."
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1 comment:

al fin said...

The promotion of "a pervasive climate of innovation" rings a bell. It reminds me of "The Leapfrog University" project, being promoted by some creative theorists at the University of Minnesota. I seriously doubt that anyone promoting a pervasive climate of innovation is prepared to deal with the outcome of such a climate.

Because Professor Raven is imminent in the field of intelligence assessment, he is likely to be listened to. Of course when he criticizes current educational policies, educators will nod their heads vigorously, and continue doing just what they are doing.