Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free cognitive brain health test

Thanks to Brain Waves for the tip re: the ability to take a "free, confidential, 40-minute cognitive brain test" in partnership with the Alliance for Aging Research.

Apparently the first million people will get this assessment for free until May 14, 2007. The company involved is the Brain Resource Company. Like the author of Brain Waves, I've not taken the time to take the test nor check out the technical characteristics. If any readers do, please report back to this blog via the "comment" feature.

Hopefully I can find the 40-minutes to take this in the next few weeks. Not sure if I'll post my scores for the whole world to see :)

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Anonymous said...


You can find out about the tests by looking on under the WebNeuro link. Its not a test of intelligence, but of brain function, like memory, working memory, verbal interference etc. So the speed and accuracy of your brain kind of thing. Quite fun to do, then give up drinking, get excercise etc, and do again, and see if that helps. Roy

Kevin McGrew said...

Thanks for the information. Now you have me worried. I gave up drinking a few years ago and have been an avid exercise person for over 10 years. Maybe I'm at my ceiling already. Thanks again.