Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Classic articles in special education

What are the "classic" articles in special education that should be read by those in the field?   A recent empirical investigation of this question was recently published in the Remedial and Special Education.  The reference and abstract is below.

  • Mcleskey, J. & Landers, E. (2006).  Classic Articles in Special Education An Exploratory Investigation.  Remedial and Special Education, 27(2),68–76.  (Click to view)
  • This exploratory investigation sought to identify classic articles from the general special education literature that were published between 1960 and 1989. Initially, widely cited articles that were published during this time in Exceptional Children, Remedial and Special Education, and The Journal of Special Education were identified. Faculty from doctoral degree–granting institutions of higher education were then surveyed regarding which of these widely cited articles should be considered classics. Twelve articles, addressing such topics as mainstreaming or inclusion, student identification, curriculum-based measurement, efficacy of mainstreaming/inclusion programs, secondary curriculum and transition from school to work, and curricula for students with severe disabilities, were identified as classics. Directions for future research are discussed, including the need to clarify reliable methods for identifying classic articles and to identify classic articles in areas of specialization within special education. Finally, implications for practice are addressed.

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