Monday, May 29, 2006

Honorary pro-ed Don Hammill chair

Many academics hope that one day, someone will recognize the excellence of their work, and they may receive an offer for an endowed chair at a prestigious university. I have yet to achieve such a distinction....BUT........I may have the ONLY honorary Don Hammill pro-ed chair!!!!!!!!!!

At last NASP, I enjoyed some good natured bantor with Don Hammill in the lounge. I commented on the nice looking directors chairs his staff had at their booth, and, I must admit, I hounded Don all night to send me one.

Well....Don and pro-ed staff....kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!! The chair arrived this Friday....and, it is an autographed chair with DH's personal sribble. It now sits prominently in my living room (see picture above)

PS - readers may be interested to know that in a recent survey of classic articles in special education, Don Hammill was the first author of one of the top 15 rated articles in special education (Hammill, D., & Larsen, S. (1974). The effectiveness of psycholinguistic training. Exceptional Children, 41, 5–14.--click here to see review article)

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