Tuesday, February 22, 2022

From MDPI: "How Intelligence Can Be a Solution to Consequential World Problems"


How Intelligence Can Be a Solution to Consequential World ProblemsDear Colleagues,
The idea of the proposed symposium is to ask major contributors to the field of intelligence to take one consequential real-world problem—a problem of their choice—and to write about how what we know about intelligence could help us to solve the problem. What is, has been, or could be the role of human intelligence in solving a consequential problem the world faces?

A large proportion of intelligence research is devoted to basic issues; for example, what is the psychometric structure of intelligence? What are the cognitive bases of intelligence? What are the brain-based correlates (or even causes) of intelligence? What does intelligence predict? What are the validity and reliability of a certain kind of intelligence test, compared with those of other such tests? What makes a particular theory valid?
Such research is needed, but there are also problems larger than those presented in intelligence tests, including problems of today. Some of those larger problems have also become world problems. Here is a sample of such problems, some of which are new, while other problems are not: the pandemic, polarization and immobilization in democratic systems, human-rights violations, unequal opportunities, social[...]

Kevin McGrew, PhD
Educational Psychologist
Director, Institute for Applied Psychometrics

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